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Book Cover Rendering Files for Blender and Krita

Are you an artists and you want to present your illustrations in a realistic way, how they would look like as a book cover?

With these files you can render your own illustrations similar to this examples.

What you need is:

The download might be slow, because it is self-hosted. So there are no big companies between the two of us 🙂 All files are CC0 and in the public domain. The textures for the wall and the wood are taken from

What to modify?

  • In the .kra file, modify the pictures with your cover and styles as you wish. All relevant layers, which should be modified, are in the Group “Diffuse Map”
  • Export the “Diffuse Map” Group as a jpg picture. (File -> Export …). Hide the UV-Grid layer before export, this is only required as a guide and should be hidden once you are done.
  • In the .blend file select one of the books and open Shader-Editor.
  • For the material “Book” modify the location of the cover according the file-path of your exported jpg. For this, you have to click on the “New Image” Button in the Box, which is connected to the “Base Color” and select your file
  • Press F12 and start rendering 🙂

If you have any questions, please contact me on Mastodon.